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Commonly asked questions, and their answers.

AFP is a practical alternative to large scale investment toward adopting analytics. It removes excessive commitment and expense in tools and infrastructure; it applies our industry experts to delivering a turnkey solution in 90 days that delivers skillsets and experience not readily available to many organizations.

AFP typically offers analytics ROI in 6 months. Once operational, we host it and keep it updated, operating and secured as part of your subscription. Cloud compute and storage costs are rolled into the subscription.

You can harness analytics for your company by either building it yourself or hiring a company to build it for you. Once completed you either need to have the skills in house to effectively use and support it, or pay for an external company to deliver required services. Many organizations invest in a tool and expect analytics to follow. Others spend a fortune building an analytics department to realize that they can’t attract and keep the required skills to effectively deliver required business insights.

AFP eliminates all the confusion and wasted money and time. We make the highest quality analytics skills directly available to you and deliver a full capability including the knowhow to keep it operating effectively. It bundles over 30 tools and services into a single solution.

Organizations subscribing to AFP typically provide access to a business sponsor and at least one person that knows your company data. Setup and implementation of the AFP product for your organization involves data integration specialists, cloud systems implementers, data analysts, Business Intelligence experts, and one or more data scientists who all work together to deliver a complete solution that works for your organization..

Cloud computing has dramatically changed the business and technical model for delivering analytics. Establishing infrastructure and provisioning tools and technology previously to cost a fortune and took weeks to months. Provisioning cloud infrastructure now only takes hours. Similarly, tools and component services provide many more open source options and are licensed based upon usage. This has dramatically lowered development and operating costs. Experis staff have become experts in cloud development.

It is our investments in developing cloud implementation skills across a wide range of analytics staff that has led to rapid development and deployments that make AFP delivery and operation affordable for many of our customers.

Cloud computing is where AFP is hosted. AFP customers pay for moving data to the cloud platform; the cost of computing resources to apply analytics; and finally, for running reports and analyses on a daily or periodic basis to display insights. No infrastructure is required and this really keeps costs low. Your organization uses the tools and services of AFP and pays for them as they are being used. There is no upfront software licensing costs and we even keep the tools up to date and fully operational.

AFP collects data and distills it into insightful dashboards. Subscription fees ensure continued operation and collection of data; processing; maintenance; and support required to continually delivery of these insights. As tools and AFP capabilities are refined many enhancements will be passed on to subscribers.

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