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Analytics Fastpath

Excessive delays in getting meaningful insights is costing real money

Six month plus cycles to make business adjustment is simply too long. Business Intelligence needs to be fast and agile.

Traditional reporting is one-dimensional and doesn’t tell the complete story

Organizations have an abundance of data but it is silo-ed. The correct organizational view of the data is often hidden in a variety of reports or systems. Advanced reporting is not enough.

Tired of investing in additional tools and infrastructure

Organizations can’t afford additional infrastructure burden for hosting, data retention, and tool use.

Making business adjustments with one dimensional reporting is not analytics

Inability to identify factors affecting performances and unable to identify effective business strategies

Analytics Fastpath

Analytics Fastpath is a productized subscription service that delivers key business insights for solving your key business problems within 90 days and provides ‘pay as you’ go infrastructure for you analytics growth. The AFP product pulls together your data silos and allows you to quickly and effectively view your data in different ways.

AFP is different than an outsourced solution and more than a tool. With AFP, you receive advanced consulting to validate and establish your key insights. You also receive a complete analytics infrastructure that is managed and supported where you only pay for what you use.

AFP Fit Analysis – Before starting a subscription, we invest time with you to examine your data and model preliminary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) targets. We identify if you are a fit for the AFP program.

• 90 days to Insights – We deliver valuable business insights and analytics in 90 days.

• Reduced Infrastructure spend – We host and manage secure cloud infrastructure, so you have access to all of the tools but are only charged for your usage.

• Advanced Analytics Toolkit – For our more mature clients, we have a program designed for delivering predictive and advanced analytics.

About Us

Fastpath is a analytics technology subscription product of Experis Solutions. We enables your company to understand its data and directly apply analytics to drive business insights translating into performance.


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